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The Quintessential Centrist seeks to provide a salve in this difficult time by offering a dynamic, new online media platform dedicated to promoting the ideals and tenets of the center - where compromise is often found - through our in-depth columns, articles and analysis.

TQC provides a truly holistic approach to media, offering readers ideas that blend news, analysis and viewpoints from the left, right, and center of the political continuum as they relate to culture and the arts, finance, technology, national security, health and wellness, and domestic affairs. We approach this broad range of verticals in a thoughtful manner and embrace both serious and more light-hearted topics with fluency.

TQC is not beholden to page-clicks nor sensationalism at the cost of fact based coverage underpinned by exhaustive research or opinion pieces that incorporate ideas and values across the ideological spectrum. With our fresh approach focused on promoting thoughtful discourse, our readers will be afforded substantive material where they can engage in respectful discussion and debate with other TQC readers, free from the acrimony that has tainted our national media landscape.

Will TQC be the first to “break” the latest news events or opine on hot button topics? No. But our homepage is where you will be able to come for exhaustive investigation that presents both sides of an issue - even hot button issues - from liberal & conservative ideas and values underpinned by facts and opinions malleable to when those facts change. TQC is a safe haven where readers can digest, opine, share information, and learn. An oasis in the modern time.

TQC also takes a slower approach to the current hurried pace of news and media by favoring more thoughtful, long-form articles that encourage real thought and analysis. We are a home for you to enrich your mind and elevate your discourse on a range of issues. Sometimes we will make you laugh. Other times, the topics we write about may make you cry. But one thing is for certain: TQC will always try to make you think.