Issue 151
May 7, 2023
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Over four years ago, we posted our inaugural issue of The Quintessential Centrist. Our latest piece, Another Mass Shooting, marked our 150th post since TQC was launched to counter the stark polarization that permeates our political and journalistic discourse, particularly online.

Given the diluted, sensation-driven, 24/7 news cycle, it's crucial to reflect and reexamine hot-button topics from the past. To that end, this post will feature links to eleven past articles that generated voluminous amounts of commentary and debate amongst our readers, ordered by their publication date.

If you missed any of these essential pieces, we encourage you to take a moment and read them. If you have already done so, consider re-reading them and ask yourself if your views have changed.

It is important to note that when deciding to read an article, we implore everybody to finish what they started. Please don’t stop midway through an article if you encounter a viewpoint that upsets you or that you reject. Sometimes, readers challenge us when they disagree with our position. Of course, we welcome the feedback and encourage dialogue, but in some instances, it becomes apparent that the person stopped reading the article midway through.

Had they finished it, they would realize that some of the very points they brought up were later discussed in the same post as a counterpoint.

November 11, 2018: Is “Body Positivity” Really Body Positive?

June 23, 2019: Their Right, Wrong Venue

July 12, 2020: Black Lives Matter

January 10, 2021: A Mob Breaches The Capitol

February 7, 2021: Gamestopped

May 23, 2021:Palestinians Should Indeed Be Free – From Hamas

November 28, 2021: Kyle Rittenhouse

April 3, 2022: LiaThomas

May 19 and June 12, 2022: InFlation & InFlation Part Deux

October 2, 2022 :Migrants In Martha’s Vineyard

At TQC, we strive to unite people by enabling them to better understand and appreciate views that are not necessarily commensurate with their own.

Our commitment is to thoroughness. We will not sacrifice nuance in favor of a black-and-white binary that, while tempting, is often misleading. While it may be comfortable to live in our own echo chambers, true understanding is often found outside those walls.

It has been an incredible journey thus far. We will continue to listen, be self-reflective, learn from our mistakes, and refine our product. Our readers play a crucial role in helping us improve. Constructive criticism is accretive to our process. Thanks to everyone who has read, opined, critiqued, and shared our work with others. Your support and validation are the most significant testament to our success.